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Results vs Performance and the Business Dashboard

Results versus Performance – Is your car missing a Dashboard?

It’s seems logical to think – if you’re a Business Owner or a Sales Rep – that the only performance metric that matters is the “End Result”. Did you meet your numbers? Or did you fall short? You got in the car and drove and either made it to your destination or didn’t. The...
A penguin cannot become a giraffe.

Be the Best Penguin . . .

This past weekend, I had the wonderful privilege of speaking at the Lone Star College Women’s Conference in Houston. Great Crowd. Great Content. GREAT Conference. I had the honor of kicking off the day with my topic: GO! Promote Yourself! My objective was to inspire people ...
Telling is not selling. but Asking is.

“Telling” is NOT “Selling” – but Asking IS.

The Universe MUST have been “telling” me to write this blog post this week. Surely it is a sign when I look back at my week and can count 1 face to face meeting, 2 phone calls, and 9 {yes NINE} emails – All with Sales Messages intended for me to either buy or take...
Life is a Journey, not a destination. What is your Customers' Journey?

Your Customer Journey – More Important than the Destination

Thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson – for reminding us to look around, take notice and live in the moments that connect us from one point to another, while we’re moving forward to a destination. “The Journey” philosophy is true as well in business {you had to know I was driving there,...

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What is the Selling Agency?

Short Answer: THE Resource for Your Most Vital Business Activity – Generating Revenue.

You can have a great Idea. You can have a great Product. You can Be the Best at what you do . . . but if you can’t effectively translate that into the Value you can supply to another person or business . . .
You. Can’t. Win. Selling is all at once the most Complex, the most Vital and the most Feared Activity your business must perform.


When do I hire a salesperson?

Answer: Probably never

You, as the business owner, shouldn’t hire a sales person unless you can answer yes to the following:
  • I was a Sales Director in a previous life.
  • I have an existing Sales Program in my business.
  • I have the time/resources to risk getting it wrong the first time.