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Solve the Bigger problems with better questions.

The ONE Question to Ask to Solve Bigger Problems

About 10 years ago, I uncovered a Super Ninja sales move that worked to earn more clients, and bigger, more profitable business than any other question I had ever asked customers.  Last week, I was talking about this to a […]
SPOILER ALERT {Just in case you're in sales and were hyperventilating or turning red, the answer is YES. But we'll get to that . . . 

Do Buyers Even Need Sales People Any More?

It’s an amazing marvel to watch my 5 year old work technology. Navigating Netflix on a tablet or doing Math games on a computer, I am in awe at how easily and intuitively they navigate something that is mystical, perplexing […]
Disruptors and Dinosaurs: Adapt, Evolve or Be Replaced

Delivering Business on Dinosaurs?  The Revolution vs Evolution facing Modern Business

What’s your title? Are you the owner, the manager, the producer, the seller, the buyer, the coordinator? No matter if you’re the CEO or the CSR {Customer Service Representative}, a Solopreneur or Sales Rep at a Fortune 500 company, you […]
7 actions to be better in business

7 Actions for ANYONE to be better in business TODAY

There are a LOT of articles swirling around us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook about the traits of successful people – what they eat for breakfast, how much they exercise, what kind of vacations they take . . . but […]

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What is the Selling Agency?

Short Answer: THE Resource for Your Most Vital Business Activity – Generating Revenue.

You can have a great Idea. You can have a great Product. You can Be the Best at what you do . . . but if you can’t effectively translate that into the Value you can supply to another person or business . . .
You. Can’t. Win. Selling is all at once the most Complex, the most Vital and the most Feared Activity your business must perform.


When do I hire a salesperson?

Answer: Probably never

You, as the business owner, shouldn’t hire a sales person unless you can answer yes to the following:
  • I was a Sales Director in a previous life.
  • I have an existing Sales Program in my business.
  • I have the time/resources to risk getting it wrong the first time.