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To Improve Business: Get the heck out of your business {Yes really!}

In our business and professional life, sometimes the hardest things for us to grasp is that working harder isn’t always the answer to becoming better. We all get busy “Making the donuts”, servicing customers or accounts and making sure we […]

We are hard wired to protect the status quo. Find your new mantra for change here:

We are hard wired to protect the status quo. Find your new mantra for change here: This past week, I was preparing relevant stories and “sticky” examples to deliver the sales module at a conference for entrepreneurs; I was struck […]

Biology, Psychology, Sociology, and Technology: How You Leverage These Buying Forces to Win Customers

For years, to become better at Sales and Selling, sales people and business owners have focused on closing techniques or perfecting their pitch and offers. With the big flip in control of the sales process transferring to the buyer, in […]

5 Business Realities that Scream “You Need Help With Audience Development”

What is “Audience Development” and how do you know if you need to turn your focus and resources there? Audiences are people whom you’ve captivated or engaged for some span of time with some interesting thing, offer or thoughts. When […]

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What is the Selling Agency?

Short Answer: THE Resource for Your Most Vital Business Activity – Generating Revenue.

You can have a great Idea. You can have a great Product. You can Be the Best at what you do . . . but if you can’t effectively translate that into the Value you can supply to another person or business . . .
You. Can’t. Win. Selling is all at once the most Complex, the most Vital and the most Feared Activity your business must perform.


When do I hire a salesperson?

Answer: Probably never

You, as the business owner, shouldn’t hire a sales person unless you can answer yes to the following:
  • I was a Sales Director in a previous life.
  • I have an existing Sales Program in my business.
  • I have the time/resources to risk getting it wrong the first time.