The Selling Agency

It says “About Us” but really, this is all about you.

Where we step in to your business is usually at a painful point: Stagnant Growth, Slow Revenue and/or Shrinking Margins. Your challenges also may include a highly competitive market/industry, highly commoditized products or a mature industry.

Your Sales Team or your Sales Plan is NOT working.
Or you don’t have one.
Or you never had one.
Or your strategy has been “Hope” with a dash of “Marketing” and a sprinkle of “Social Media”. 

Hope is not a strategy. “Selling” is a strategy.

Selling is all at once the most Complex, the most Vital and the most Difficult Activity in most every business.

Selling is ProActive.
Selling is bringing solutions to problems.
Selling is Creating Relationships through Value Delivery.
Selling is a Strategic Plan Executed to generate revenue and bring it into your business.

Selling is also hard.
It requires organization, planning, structure, means, metrics and measurement and the ability to lead and direct those efforts.

Building and Leading a Sales Program is not easy and is not for everyone.

But that’s where WE come in. 

Our clients need strategy and solutions NOW and most need the execution and implementation support to make change happen and make it work. Business is hyper competitive, must shift on a dime and every investment should help bring you closer to your revenue and profit goals.

That’s why at the core of what we do are these 4 principles:

  • Close The Revenue Gaps Quickly

  • Leverage Existing Resources & Talent

  • Define Distinct & Unique Position

  • Articulate Strategy & Implement Actions to Execute

We build Revenue Engines – fueled by Sales Strategy, Selling Programs and Revenue Development.
We focus on Profitability, Scalability and Neutralizing
Competitive Forces.

Our clients are –

  • Ground Story Businesses – the Solopreneurs, service professionals and entrepreneurs 
  • 2nd Stage Businesses in highly commoditized, competitive and mature industries – needing Sales Strategies, to build Sales Teams and leverage technology to scale and grow.
  • Sales, Operations and Marketing Leaders – looking to rally their organization around selling to the modern customer
  • Career Driven Professionals – Looking for the strategy and tools to drive their career to the next level

Top 5 things you need to know about The Selling Agency:

1)      We’re not Vanilla.  While Vanilla is nice, we are not all things and all pleasing to all people.  We’re more like Thai Chili Vanilla Bean Gelato –  memorable, targeted, powerful, spicy, refined – creating big impact in small mouthfuls.

2)      We’re not Fluffy You’ll never see a mushy, sentimental email signed “hugs and unicorns” from us.  You’re more likely to read, “Let’s sell the crap out of this idea and toast its success with Champagne over the morning meeting.”

3)      We Ain’t Scared.  We might just go right up to the edge . . . and jump.  That’s the best way to learn how to fly.  We might crash, but we’ll get back up, readjust and barrel down the hill again.  We’ll weigh the risks, look for the timing and plan the landing.  Business isn’t for wussies or reckless people.  It’s for those willing to take calculated risks for the greatest rewards.

4)      We’re not Lukewarm.  You pay us money to make you money.  No bones about it.  We play for real and we play for keeps.  Honest and direct, we deliver results.  You just have to listen and give it your all with us.  We don’t “sort of” care.   We’re All In.

5)      We’re not Boring.  Because if you haven’t fallen off your chair laughing or choked on a mouthful of taffy or cursed on occasion, you might not enjoy working with us.  Life’s messy and we like to play in the dirt.  It’s more fun and so are we.

While we do have processes and theories that we work through with our clients, we’re also not One Size Fits All.  Your business, your talent, your resources, your brand(s) and position are uniquely considered and deeply respected while we rock out your awesomeness.

Want to learn more or work together? Take a look at our programs and solutions . . .

Are you a . . .

Ground Story Business – Trying To Grow But Wearing All the Hats {Small Business, Entrepreneur, Solo Practitioner}
2nd Stage Business – Ready To Shift In To High Performance Growth {Small Business, 5 – 100 Employees}
Sales, Operations & Marketing Director – Looking To Light Fires In Sales Performance {Small or Mid Sized Business, Enterprise Business}
Career Driven Professional – Eager To Promote Yourself And Grow Personally & Professionally

Yeah, we’re talking to you. We’ve got moves that can out perform your Status Quo and out pace the Competition. 

Don’t be shy. We don’t bite {much}.
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