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Capabilities vs Differences make a big sales difference

Your CAPABILITIES are killing your sales and profit margin

Let’s talk about your sales and profit margins. How effective do you think your Sales and/or Marketing messages are? Are they compelling and converting leads...
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the Biggest Problem Holding Back Small Business Sales Teams

What is the Biggest Problem Holding Back Small Business Sales Teams?

Our clients are usually classified as “Small Business” – though I absolutely DESPISE that term. The US economy is POWERED by Small Business! In fact,...
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Sales Coaching for Success

3 Keys to Coaching Successful Changes in Salespros

I recently recorded a session for a Virtual Sales Summit along with three super-smart counterparts – and our focus was on Coaching the Next Generation...
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How to Build a Better Small Business Sales Team: The 3 C’s of Hiring

With the age of the internet, we’ve all become self-diagnosing doctors with medical degrees from “Google”, right? We are able to search out our symptoms and...
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When and how do I hire a salesperson

How Do You Build A Successful Sales Program? NOT How You Think . . .

  We run across this situation quite often. You started a business. You hustled. You busted your behind. You earned trust. You demonstrated experience and...
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One-Stop-Shop- Is a Terrible Sales Phrase

Avoid Using This Terrible Sales Phrase And You’ll Sell More

One phrase that I hear often from sellers and businesses when they describe their offers really makes me cringe. I hear it a lot from...
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