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What do you do after a sales blunder?

You Blew It. So What. Now What? How to Recover From A Sales Blunder

A while back I was in Seattle with my favorite group of women and my favorite conference of the year. The Women Sales Pros gathers...
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What you're NOT measuring is hurting sales results

What You’re NOT Measuring Is Hurting Your Sales Success

Are you lagging or leading? Let me share with you a bit of my diagnostic process. When I talk with sales leaders or business owners...
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Are you Afraid to Take your Sales Vacation?

How Do You Survive Vacation When You’re In Sales?

As a salesperson, this is a tough time of year. In addition to being difficult to move business forward during summer, it’s hard not to...
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Don't fold at this buyer pushback

How do you counter this common buyer push back and move the conversation forward?

It’s presumptuous to think that your customers don’t already have a solution for the service or product you provide. Perhaps presumptuous isn’t the right word....
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Questions are the MVP of SELLING

Questions are the MVP of Selling

We talk quite a bit about asking questions in the sales process. Ask better questions. Don’t assume. Listen. Don’t “tell”. And there is one more...
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Feedback like a Sales Rockstar

Get Feedback Like A Rockstar (and Be a Sales Rockstar)

Normally, feedback on a stage is a terrible, annoying thing. Audio feedback occurs when a sound loop exists between an audio input and an audio output....
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