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Order Takers vs True Sellers_ 5 Signs You've Got Fake Sales Reps on Your Team

Order Takers vs True Sellers: 5 Signs You’ve Got Fake Sales Reps on Your Team

Way back when I started my first sales job, I had a pretty tough product to sell. I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this one...
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Be Wary of GROSS Sales Advice

Is It BAD Sales Advice? Be wary …

Look, y’all, you know the saying about “Opinions”, right? That everyone has one and everyone is entitled to one. My “opinion” about Sales Advice is...
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High Intensity Interval Selling

Rock your Business Development Results with THIS new Challenge

Last week I decided to try something new with my sellers. I recognize this look of exasperation when I ask my sellers about their latest...
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avoid resuscitating a deal gone wrong

3 Ways to Avoid Having to Resuscitate A Sales Deal

“Oh crap. Is it too late to resuscitate?” Recently, a sales team found out the hard way that a client was pissed about something that...
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Top 4 Sales Challenges

What are the TOP 4 Sales Challenges for Sellers?

What do YOU think would be the response when asked, “What are the top challenges sellers and sales pros face today?” Up until 5 to...
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Sales Fails in Emails - Stop the Ugly Sales Tactics

Stop The Ugly Sales Tactics. Be Better At Selling.

My husband sent me this email earlier this week. He’s such a good sport. I truly think he may listen to what I say about...
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