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Why is adult learning so hard

Why is it so hard to learn new things?

Putting together a speech for an upcoming keynote and looking for insights about growth and learning, I ran across a quote and the work of...
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Can you score sales if you only play defense?

What if you only played DEFENSE? How do you become a Sales Play Maker again?

Having a conversation with a Sales Director the other day about his sales team and he remarked that only one seller made their quota last...
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I Hate Sales Training

Hey, Sales Leaders, I Hate Sales Training.

Most of it, anyway, is actually terrible. I write this knowing that it could be confusing since many of you would consider what we do...
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Are you tired of waiting for Buyers to respond?

Increase conversions with these two steps BEFORE you send proposals!

How often do you face a stalled sale or wilted opportunity after you propose a solution? This is a GIANT bummer because we know how...
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Sales Leaders, Who Are YOUR Most Important Customers

Sales Leaders, Who Are YOUR Most Important Customers?

A while back I was in Washington DC giving a spectacular talk on Personality as a Seller’s Competitive Advantage. Along with my co-host of The...
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What's the ROI of your sales excuses?

What’s the ROI on Your Excuses?

Helping sellers build their super sales skills and moving sales teams to outperform their competition puts us squarely in a category to be “Challengers.” Our...
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