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Sellers should send that happy thanksgiving email

This is why salespeople should ALWAYS send a Happy Thanksgiving Email – it’s not what you think

We’re very close to Thanksgiving and all those Holiday traditions that signal the slowdown of business and preparation for the next year. I know you’re...
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Who's really calling the shots in your sale

Who’s REALLY calling the shots in your sale?

Have you ever done the “Sales Walk of Shame” back to your car in the parking lot after realizing you just lost a sale and...
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Do you show your customers LOVE?

I received an email the other day from a company letting me know my order had shipped. The message came from “” Not “info,” not...
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Sellers, Pay Attention to your Intention

Pay Attention to Your Intention – Increase Results and Sales

Here is another one of those blogs where the Universe has conspired to bring a topic to light. I’ve been on a campaign to move...
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Avoid the Sales Email Follow Up Flop

Avoid the Sales Email Follow Up Flop!

Probably one of the most frustrating scenarios in sales is when you have a conversation or exchange with a prospective customer, follow up with a...
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Year End Sales Push_4th Quarter Strategy

Feeling the Year-End Sales Squeeze? 3 ways to impact 4Q results

It’s 4th quarter – the time when sales teams are looking at closing the gap on their goals and where they are year-to-date. For some...
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