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4 Core Attributes to Strengthen Your Adaptability

Hello friends. How are we doing in these are strange and uncertain times? I’ve spent the last two weeks working with sales teams that scrambled...
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Making the transition from FIELD SALES to Work At Home Inside Sales

From Field Sales to Work At Home Inside Sales Team: How To Make The Transition

So, your field sales team has become an inside sales team AND they’re working at home? How do you make the transition? Inside sales teams...
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Selling and SERVING customers during times of crisis (COVID-19)

As Sellers, How Do We Serve Our Customers in These Times of Crisis?

If you’re feeling like the world has turned upside down, or that we’re living inside an episode of The Twilight Zone, you’re not alone. Every...
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Questions are the MVP of SELLING

Questions are the MVP of Selling

We talk quite a bit about asking questions in the sales process. Ask better questions. Don’t assume. Listen. Don’t “tell”. And there is one more...
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What You’re NOT Measuring Is Hurting Your Sales Success

Are you lagging or leading? Let me share with you a bit of my diagnostic process. When I talk with sales leaders or business owners...
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How to Handle, “Let Me Think About It” from Sales Prospects

There’s hardly anything I can think of that’s more cringeworthy to a seller than hearing, “I’ll think it over” come out of a prospect’s mouth...
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