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Year End Sales Push_4th Quarter Strategy

Feeling the Year-End Sales Squeeze? 3 ways to impact 4Q results

It’s 4th quarter – the time when sales teams are looking at closing the gap on their goals and where they are year-to-date. For some...
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Coach's Wisdom for Sales Pros

Coach’s Wisdom for Sellers, Sales Leaders, and Sales Teams

Right about this time of year, my husband gets a bit giddy and you’ll hear him humming, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”...
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Gold Medal Sales (and life) Advice from Olympian Bonnie Blair

GOLD MEDAL Sales Advice from Olympian Bonnie Blair

Who’s the winningest woman in US Winter Olympics History? That would be Longtrack Speed Skater Bonnie Blair with 5 Gold medals and 1 Bronze. This...
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Don't just follow up ... Move it Forward

Stop Wimpy Follow Up and Move Sales Opportunities Forward!

I often joke about tattoos I would get – if I were the tattoo-ing sort. There are 5 or 6 phrases I use so regularly....
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research and FU - your follow up process is critical in sales

Research, Call, and Most Importantly, FU . . . Here are 5 reasons to make your “FOLLOW-UP PROCESS” your top priority.

I will admit I’d like to see your face right now after reading this title. It wasn’t intentionally “click bait” but when sitting in a...
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How do you dramatically increase your WIN rates

How can you dramatically increase your WIN rates? (A CHALLENGE for All You Sellers)

This blog is a CHALLENGE to you. If you’re reading it on a Monday, make something BIG happen by Friday . . . I did...
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