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sales role play is awkward

You’re Right. Sales Role Playing Sucks. Try This Instead …

No one and I mean NO ONE loves it when I’ve ever asked them to role-play a sales scenario. It’s hard to explain how many...
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Leaving the Door Open for Competition

Are you leaving the door open for the competition?

Many times when a new client reaches out or “sends up the bat-signal” it comes after one or more significant sales losses – especially if...
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Are you playing BUSINESS WHACK A MOLE?

The WHACK-A-MOLE Sales Strategy – Leaves You Tired and Broke

NOTE: This is an update to the WHACK-A-MOLE Business Strategy post from several years back. I work with both business owners and their sales teams...
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Sales Onboarding and training are backwards

Onboarding and Sales Training is Backward . . . where we SHOULD start

Why do we love toddlers and small humans in weddings? It’s not because ring bearers and flower girls perfectly execute their duties with the style...
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Try this successful sales strategy lather rinse repeat


Do you remember the old instructions on the back of a shampoo bottle? I think there are still a few around with those instructions. “For...
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Sales Training Mistakes Costing You Opportunities

These Outdated Sales Tactics Will Cost You Opportunities

Over these past few weeks, I’ve had strong reinforcements of my core beliefs about sales training: Most of it needs to be, “Undone.” I see...
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