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11Give your customers a Sneak Peek of YOU (Video)

5 Ways to Give Buyers a “Sneak Peek” of Working with You

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to earn a response from a prospect these days. In 2007, it took almost 4 touches on average to get...
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11Swinging for the Fences in Sales Prospecting

Is Sales Prospecting “Swinging for the Fences”?

The stats on prospecting that have been quoted (me included!) for the past several years go something like this … 48% of salespeople never follow...
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11Sales Success Manifesto

The Seller’s Success Manifesto

Not to name drop but I have some extremely smart friends and colleagues that have written and are writing amazing sales books. I’ve reviewed a...
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What I’ve learned from Harvard MBA Students

What would you expect from Ivy League MBA students when it comes to selling? A while back, I had a really cool privilege to offer...
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11Why is adult learning so hard

Why is it so hard to learn new things?

Putting together a speech for an upcoming keynote and looking for insights about growth and learning, I ran across a quote and the work of...
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11Can you score sales if you only play defense?

What if you only played DEFENSE? How do you become a Sales Play Maker again?

Having a conversation with a Sales Director the other day about his sales team and he remarked that only one seller made their quota last...
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