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11Don’t Let That “Sour Grapes” SalesPerson Wreak Havoc On Your Organization

Don’t Let That “Sour Grapes” Sales Person Wreak Havoc On Your Organization

“Disparaging what one cannot obtain, as in The losers’ scorn for the award is pure Sour Grapes.” This expression alludes to the Greek writer Aesop’s...
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11How do you really impress customers

How Do You REALLY Impress Customers?

When was the last time you were blown away by someone trying to sell you something? That long ago, huh? Maybe never? With the ever-increasing...
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113 Ways to Overcome Buyer Distrust

3 Step Guide To Overcoming Buyer Distrust

Why does the sales profession get a bad rap? What’s the number one reason many people don’t want to be approached by a seller? Is...
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11What Makes A Stellar Seller part 3

What makes a fantastic seller? part 3

Super successful sellers have some similar key characteristics. Self-starting, hard-working, disciplined … there are core traits and outliers that show up on personality tests. However,...
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11What makes a super seller part 2

What makes a fantastic seller? Part 2

In the last post, I started down the road of what makes a well-rounded sales pro. First and foremost, I think Super Sellers are self-starters...
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11Well Rounded sellers have charisma

What makes a fantastic seller? Part 1

What does it mean to be great at SELLING? What makes a Super Sales Person? There’s a remarkable amount of time, energy, and money wrapped...
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