Blog: The Pipeline

Revolutionary Marketing – A Silver Bullet?

Browsing twitter and the 10 millionth “women in business” blog, I think my eyeballs might just roll out of my head if I read one...
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Killer Intro . . . Or Deadly Mistake?

I met this delightful woman the other day at a Chamber Event. She was new, I was new . . . we bonded over the rather...
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Sales People call it a Pitch, Business Owners call it their Passion

I try very hard to take the esoteric jargon out of my blogs and posts and discussions with business owners because so much of it...
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Mompreneur – Battle Cry? Or Disclaimer?

I know this title might put some peoples’ undies in a bunch, but hear me out. I think we need to dump the collective term, “Mompreneur,”...
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