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Disrupt Buyer Expectations

How Do You Get Buyers’ Attention? Disrupt Their Expectations

Potatoes, Eggs, Bacon, Croissant, Orange Juice, Dolphins. See what I did there? Your brain started looking for a pattern: Food, Breakfast Foods … then, BAM....
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coaching for success

3 Keys to Coaching Successful Changes

I recently recorded a session for a Virtual Sales Summit along with three super-smart counterparts – and our focus was on Coaching the Next Generation...
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sales role play is awkward

You’re Right. Sales Role Playing Sucks. Try This Instead …

No one and I mean NO ONE loves it when I’ve ever asked them to role-play a sales scenario. It’s hard to explain how many...
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Winging It is Expensive and Risky

Is Winging It Your Downfall?

Whether I’m working with a fresh-faced new seller or a seasoned pro, one thing that almost every seller does is “underprepare” for meetings and calls....
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Is prospecting swinging for the fences?

Is Prospecting “Swinging for the Fences”?

The stats on prospecting that have been quoted (me included!) for the past several years go something like this … 48% of salespeople never follow...
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Are you asking enough questions?

I helped a friend out a few weeks ago. She has built a team of salespeople underneath her in a business that sells global products...
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