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3 Points of Gratitude for Salespeople

3 Points of Gratitude: What I’m Thankful for as a Salesperson

Have I told you how grateful I am for you? How thankful I am that you allow me in your inbox, in your social feeds,...
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erase these selling mistakes that are costing you opportunities

These Outdated Sales Tactics Will Cost You Opportunities

Over these past few weeks, I’ve had strong reinforcements of my core beliefs about sales training: Most of it needs to be, “Undone.” I see...
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Leaving the door open for your competition

Are you leaving the door open for the competition?

Many times when a new client reaches out or “sends up the bat-signal” it comes after one or more significant sales losses – especially if...
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Disrupt Buyer Expectations

How Do You Get Buyers’ Attention? Disrupt Their Expectations

Potatoes, Eggs, Bacon, Croissant, Orange Juice, Dolphins. See what I did there? Your brain started looking for a pattern: Food, Breakfast Foods … then, BAM....
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sales role play is awkward

You’re Right. Sales Role Playing Sucks. Try This Instead …

No one and I mean NO ONE loves it when I’ve ever asked them to role-play a sales scenario. It’s hard to explain how many...
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Winging It is Expensive and Risky

Is Winging It Your Downfall?

Whether I’m working with a fresh-faced new seller or a seasoned pro, one thing that almost every seller does is “underprepare” for meetings and calls....
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