How Do You Build A Selling Organization?

The Selling Agency develops these four areas of concentration in your business to create a leaner, meaner and GREENER business focused on revenue and growth:  A Selling Organization. 


Culture – the hardest thing to change within an organization, is the collective behavior of all employees and the meanings that the people attach to their actions.  Culture is an intangible asset, a ubiquitous mindset that sets the tone for expectations, growth, limitations, ingenuity, creativity and rewards within your business. 

Is everyone within the business actively engaged in Selling your Product?  What is your organizational philosophy that drives employee/customer interaction?  Have you created an environment in which each and every connection brings value to your customers?  Does your Culture create a Selling Organization?


Behavior – {manifestation of the culture} the actions of your employees or sales team in conjunction with their environment.  Personal or professional, individual or organizational, Behaviors are the attributes that determine success.

How does your sales team structure their day?  What goals are they working towards?  How is success measured?  Are there Benchmarks in place for “good, great and amazing”?  What tools do you provide to execute the Behaviors that support the Culture of your Selling Organization?


Strategy – is about leveraging available means {and enacting/executing behaviors} (think talent, time and treasure) to achieve your desirable end results.  It is flexible but not a fixed plan.  Strategy employs resources, uses knowledge and projects future outcomes based on current circumstances. 

What defines the target market?  Who needs you or your product?  Is it clear to whom you are marketing?  Have you created clear processes to move prospects forward in the sales cycle?  What is the value of your product?  What is its impact on the market?  What are the means in which you Strategically employ the Behaviors that support you Culture and a Selling Organization?


Direction –  driving, leading, executing the strategy and vision to achieve your goals.  How you support, coach and implement in your organization can get you where you’re going quicker, and more profitably. 

How do you implement the selling processes?  How is your strategy introduced, coached and measured?  What leadership do you provide?  How do you measure progress of your team or program?  Does your Direction of the Strategy consistently employ the Behaviors that support the Culture of a highly successful Selling Organization?

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