Do You Need Personal, Intensive Sales Coaching?

You’re busy making the donuts, spinning plates, putting out fires. We get that. So we understand a 4 to 6-month project might not be the best way for you to achieve increased sales results. 

So we created the Strategic Intensive Sessions. 

A One Day immersion with 3 months of follow-up-follow-through accountability.

Choose from 3 tracks and you’ll spend an intensive day with Shawn Karol Sandy to attack your sales goals with strategy, process, training, and an accountability and measurement plan.

***WARNING*** There is a reason these are called “INTENSIVES” as they are intense. The strategy we create, the processes we build, and the training are important, but the essential element here is this full immersion in your business. For one day, you have to completely step out of the chaos and consuming hamster wheel of your business and focus on the next level, the next steps, and making forward progress . . . with someone who will challenge you to think bigger, push you to be bolder, and help you become better.

The Strategic Intensives are perfect for – 

  • Business Owners who have a very lean team and need to “own”the Chief Sales Officer role
  • Business Owners who need to move beyond their early success to learn how to consistently earn sales to scale growth
  • Business Owners in highly competitive and commoditized industries that desperately need to differentiate to earn market share and margin
  • Solopreneurs in a service industry that must “SELL” and “Do”
  • Service Professionals that are in industries where “Selling” has been taboo, such as Legal, Medical, Financial Planning
  • Non-Profit professionals responsible for fundraising and donor development but don’t have a selling background
  • Aspiring Professionals or Sales Pros who need to ramp up their skills in order to promote themselves

Every Intensive is customized for you and your business and these 3 tracks are the most requested deep dive sessions:

Sales Coaching for Non-Sales People –
For business owners, solopreneurs, service professionals, and even non-profit development pros, there is a way to position your product, services, programs, or causes so that you can confidently and consistently earn your customers’ trust and business. I’ll take you through building your confidence to be able to successfully sell using a smart sales strategy that we marry to your sales process so you can execute your efforts consistently.

Building Your Sales Playbook –
Driving focus into creating your Playbook, or Blueprint, for your your Selling Organization, we’ll articulate every aspect of your sales strategy through documented and articulated process. Designed for organizations in growth phase, a strong playbook keeps the organization’s goals in focus and on track for success. This intensive covers Prospecting, Lead Generation, Pre-Qualifying Business, Nurturing Business, Closing Skills, and Referrals and Advocate building.

Deep Dive Differentiation – 
For businesses in Highly Commoditized, Extremely Competitive, and/or Mature Industries . . . Differentiating your products, services, and go-to-market strategy is a key Competitive Advantage. This session goes deep to articulate your unique value, identify where to find the ideal customers that want your offers, and how to profoundly connect and convert with those customers. We’ll develop your plan to implement and execute your differentiation strategy.

Sound like music to your ears?

If you’re having trouble making time to make these critical growth moves, let’s talk – click below to discuss timing, investment, and your results. 

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