Selena Silvestro, Director of Ground Floor Strategies

Ain’t no one got more “hustle” than Selena Silvestro.
Meet Selena Silvestro, Director of Ground Floor Strategies

During her experience in Corporate Catering, she was called in to “rebuild” and “fix” programs that had gone off the Selena Silvestro, Director of Ground Floor Strategies, The Selling Agency
rails – thus, explaining her ability to magically pull together community members, vendors and sponsors for events and fundraisers with all the various non profits she has been a part of –

When you meet her you might be surprised to know that she only has two hands and two feet – because somehow her contribution is always more.  Her results are always MORE.  She’s a mom of two great boys and puts on her Wonder Woman cape especially for them but shares her caring nature for friends and neighbors alike.

Selena joins The Selling Agency as the Director of Ground Floor Strategies {We HATE The Term Small Business. WHO YOU CALLIN’ SMALL?}, bringing her extraordinary talent and passion to our clients to execute the sales and development strategies we build.  Solving problems, getting people across the finish line successfully and connecting people and resources are as natural to her as loving chocolate cake!

Here’s her “top ten things about me” interview:  

1)      I inherited the “mamarazzi” gene from my dear Grandma. I capture family photos and school event pics like it’s my job!
2)      When I was 16, a cute boy took me to see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and I married him in 1995. We still watch that movie each September to celebrate our 1986 Bueller Anniversary.
3)      My little boys and I have whistling contests.  I can’t sing well or play a musical instrument, but I challenge anyone to best me in whistling. My specialty: “Can you name this obscure 80’s song?”
4)      I’m hyper competitive in Words with Friends, but I don’t swap tiles.  That’s for sissies.
5)      My mom was a 70’s free spirit and we lived in a tent on the beach near Santa Cruz, California in the summer of 1975.
6)      I was the world’s worst track star in high school. With only 12 girls on the team in an incredibly small school, and the only one tall enough to do hurdles and foolish enough to try high jump, I gave it my all in horrific, painful splendor.
7)      I have no fear of embarrassment.  I can be counted on to do the silly skits in front of a big crowd, make a speech, and dress up in kooky fashions.  I earned an “A” in communications class at Michigan State University for singing the fight song, decked out in a spectacular display of Green and White. (My enthusiasm may have outweighed the cringe worthy singing.)
8)      My career began when I wore an Easter Bunny costume and waved at traffic in front of my Aunt Carrie’s flower shop for $5 an hour when I was 12. I have a work ethic that just won’t stop.
9)      I live for the day that I can beat my little sister in Song Pop.  She’s only 30, so how can she *POSSIBLY* know all of those old 70’s and 80’s songs?!  I was at least BORN in the 70’s!  She’s the Rain Man of name that tune.
10)   I am passionate giving back and have organized nonprofit events on a regular basis since my children were babies.  I spend at least 10-15 hours a week volunteering and my children are involved in the “kid-friendly” Little Helpers group I help organize.