Skills Builders (BETTER than TRAINING)

It’s NOT Training.
It’s Better than Training.

Professional Development is desperately needed to keep employees and team members engaged and interested in improving their skills and thus, job performance.

Here’s the problem, though. Most training sucks. We know it. You know it.Boring Sales Training_Pull the Fire Alarm

You’ve sat through enough training that made you contemplate pulling the fire alarm to know most TRAINING does NOT produce meaningful or lasting results.

Most training is ineffective (or sucky) because . . .

  • It’s treated as an “event” and done once or twice a year
  • It’s product-focused or technique based, instead of skills focused
  • It primes participants to demonstrate they know what’s important to the TRAINER, not that they’re applying the skills in real life
  • It’s long and it’s boring

We’ve designed incredibly effective training sessions around the most common and persistent issues sellers face – that prevent them from becoming top performers for your business.

Team members that train in these areas are seeing remarkable improvement (think 85% response rates to mid-funnel deal messages and 18% average higher deal margins). We’ve found learning MUST be more than just educational. It’s got to move, compel, and inspire your sellers and team, be entertaining, and personally relevant in a way that leads to changed behavior, practiced habits, improved skills, and ultimately, MORE PROFITABLE SALES!

For more topics and ideas to move your audience, visit our blog, The Pipeline, and get a feel for our bold, direct, and humorous delivery.

Examples of our proprietary Skills Builder Sessions that we customize for each client:

Becoming a Jedi Master of Messaging

There is an Art and Science to creating messages that are NOT ignored.

Sellers learn the Biology, Psychology, and Sociology of outreach that generates responses from prospects to cut through the noise and competition. They’ll “Use the Force” – how humans naturally think, feel, and behave – to create smart, proactive outreach that sets them apart and allows them to make more touches that compel responses and increases conversion.