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“Wow! I cannot wait to get back to the office to try out these new tools and methods!” – VP of Sales at Online Recruiting Organization

I believe maintaining the status quo is a gift TO YOUR COMPETITORS. Hearing the same old feel good, “rah-rah” speech will NOT produce new results or help you put distance between you and your competitors – who are all looking to chip away at your customers.

What you CAN do, is innovate and differentiate. Work to profoundly understand and connect with your customers. Ignite the fire within your sales and ops teams and fuel your talent with inspiring and forward-thinking strategies. 

Over Throw Your Status Quo with meetings and sessions that are bold, direct, strategic and full of contextual examples sellers can begin using immediately.

Let’s talk about your sales and revenue objectives. 

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Examples of our most requested Training and Sales Speaker Topics –
(We aim to really MOVE your audience to think, act and perform with new inspiration and insights):

Getting Buyers’ ATTENTION:

In this crazy plugged-inworld, we’re hit with thousands of sales and marketing messages every single day. Buyers now have 3,247 different ways they can IGNORE sellers. We see major struggles around reaching buyers and compelling them to respond to our messages and offers. Sellers are struggling with how to stand out, how to position value in a meaningful way, and how to deliver value in communication without being gimmicky or manipulative.

Skill Building Sessions – 

Differentiation: Connecting your value proposition to what customers actually VALUE! Building VP connections into sales messages throughout the follow-up cadence.

Video: Video is the highest converting sales tool that VERY FEW are using effectively. This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to reach buyers’ faster, inspire them to respond quickly (as in, 85% conversion in the funnel), and convert more opportunities into deals. Learn which tools to use and how to deliver messages effectively.

Moving Opportunities Forward:

Sales Directors and VPs tell us their sales teams are really struggling with this one right now. Slow Pipelines or Funnels clogged with irrelevant deals are making it difficult to forecast and see what opportunities are capable of moving forward. We’re agreeing with those VPs in that the problems they’re experiencing are from not prequalifying opportunities with enough information to either DISqualify them or to know how to move deals forward. Sellers are not asking enough questions and not asking the right questions – which is leading to stalled deals and missed opportunities. Sellers complain that buyers are “Ghosting” them – not returning calls or emails and leaving them wondering if or when a decision will be made and with whom.

Skill Building Sessions – 

Pre-Qualifying for Higher Conversion: Nailing this part of prospecting increases your win rates. Be too vague and you’ll have a weak and slow pipeline. Sellers learn how to be more specific, ask better questions, and leverage pre-qualification as their closing secret weapon.

Retaining Margin on Deals – 

Ouch. This one hurts. With buyers doing more of their own due diligence and intelligence gathering, the margin of differentiation is getting smaller when they create their own checklist of criteria. Technology has become the great equalizer – both empowering buyers and making innovation and proprietary distinctions more difficult to come by between competing businesses. When no clear distinctions exist, you’re selling in a commodities market. Combine that with weak negotiation skills and you’re losing margin over the short and long term.

Skill Building Sessions –

Prepare Sellers for Pushback and Negotiation: Sales Pros will learn how to move from “price” to “value” based conversations that tie into your unique value proposition. Retain margin and improve profitability with reps that are prepared and practiced.

Speaking in Your Customers’ Currency:

The Value Currency of each level and each buyer in an organization is different. Many salespeople think they are customizing their presentations by changing the names on the front page but true customization is presenting your solution to each buyer in terms of how it impacts their responsibilities and performance – their Positive Business Outcomes {PBO’s}. 

Skill Building Sessions –

Speak In Your Customer’s Currency: Understand how to tailor your content and conversations to each stakeholder or member of the buying committee. Sellers will create stronger relationships to earn more business, retain margin, renew accounts, and shorten the sales cycle.

Real ORGANIZATIONAL change comes from training and consistent SKILL BUILDING – building habits through practice and reinforcement.

We’ve designed incredibly effective and responsive training sessions around each of these issues and our sellers that train in these areas are seeing remarkable improvement (think 85% response rates to mid-funnel deal messages and 18% average higher deal margins). We’ve found training MUST be more than just educational. It’s got to move, compel, and inspire your sellers, be entertaining and personally relevant in a way that leads to changed behavior, practiced habits, improved skills, and ultimately, MORE PROFITABLE SALES!

For more topics and ideas to move your audience, visit our blog, The Pipeline and get a feel for our bold, direct and humorous delivery. 

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