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“Strategic, Insightful, Meaningful and Effective – Shawn inspired our whole team to perform at a higher level.” – VP of Mid South Bank

I believe maintaining the status quo is a gift TO YOUR COMPETITORS. Hearing the same old feel good, “rah rah” speech will NOT produce new results or help you put distance between you and your competitors – who are all looking to chip away at your customers.

What you CAN do, is innovate and differentiate. Work to profoundly understand and connect with your customers. Ignite the fire within your sales and ops teams and fuel your talent with inspiring and forward thinking strategies. 

Over Throw Your Status Quo with meetings and sessions that are bold, direct, strategic and full of contextual examples you can integrate in to your business NOW.

Let’s talk about your 2016 sales and revenue objectives. 

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Examples of our most popular Coaching and Sales Speaker Topics –
(We aim to really MOVE your audience to think, act and perform with new inspiration and insights):

Selling – Your Competitive Advantage:

Those that SELL create a distinct competitive advantage for themselves. Capitalizing on what their competitors aren’t doing instead of slugging it out doing the same thing as everyone else.

The 4 Tenets of Modern Consumers:

Modern buyers and customers want Modern Partnerships with their suppliers and vendors – the driving force changing the role and relationships with Sellers, requiring different skills and different tools to be valuable and competitive.  

What Buyers Demand From Sales Pros:

With the buying process in the hands of the customer many Sales Pros are struggling to create opportunities and meet their quotas because their previous methods are ineffective at selling to modern customers.

Understand the characteristics, behaviors and skills the Modern Sales Professional must develop and master to be relevant, valuable and successful. 

Speaking in Your Customers’ Currency:

The Value Currency of each level and each buyer in an organization is different. Many sales people think they are customizing their presentations by changing the names on the front page but true customization is presenting your solution to each buyer in terms of how it impacts their responsibilities and performance – their Positive Business Outcomes {PBO’s}. 

Understand how to tailor your content and conversations to each stakeholder or member of the buying committee to create stronger relationships and shorten the sales cycle. 

For more topics and ideas to move your audience, visit our blog, The Pipeline and get a feel for our bold, direct and humorous delivery. 

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