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Having spent many of my first sales years in the TV industry, I absolutely LOVE seeing the new fall shows in the July upfronts. We got a sneak peek into the new shows and the returning favorites. I still get giddy at fall previews and this year, couldn’t believe that Survivor was coming back for...
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We are hard wired to protect the status quo. Find your new mantra for change here: This past week, I was preparing relevant stories and “sticky” examples to deliver the sales module at a conference for entrepreneurs; I was struck with admiration for the people who had signed up for this event. These people are...
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“Next Year” is just a few weeks away. Right about now, you’re decking the halls and putting on party pants to spend special time with friends and family but don’t throw away the rest of this year yet! Now is a great time to lay out your strategy so you can hit the ground running...
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In our experience working with businesses in all different industries at different stages – from small businesses, to mid sized business and even enterprise organizations, we’ve found one particular place where most Businesses and Sales Professionals are lacking: A real, actionable Sales Strategy to grow their business. Business Development is usually the first thing that...
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