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How do stories help you sell more-customers
As sellers, aren’t we always looking for an easier way to talk to buyers? We’re looking for easier conversations. Looking for ways to relate and be relevant to our customers. We’re trying to find ways to make people WANT to listen to us amongst the crowded field of our competition and the thousands of messages...
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The majority of communicating with another human being is about persuasion or compelling them to act, perform, respond or engage in our desired choice. {Yes, that pretty much sums up “selling”} So, it’s no surprise to those of you who know how I feel about improving the way we communicate and sell our ideas that...
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I met this delightful woman the other day at a Chamber Event. She was new, I was new . . . we bonded over the rather odd entrée selection at the buffet: FRIED catfish or GRILLED catfish. If you didn’t like catfish . . . um, you’re SOL, I guess. This is the South and all, but it was...
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