10 things i wish i'd known before i started selling
Many of our clients are in the early stages of Sales Team development as part of their growth strategy. It’s painful, growth is, but investing in building the resources, processes and skills of the Sales Program, puts them on track to seriously scale their business. Teaching new sales people to leverage their own skill sets...
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Results vs Performance and the Business Dashboard
It’s seems logical to think – if you’re a Business Owner or a Sales Rep – that the only performance metric that matters is the “End Result”. Did you meet your numbers? Or did you fall short? You got in the car and drove and either made it to your destination or didn’t. The final...
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In the last blog I asked you if you had a Strategy to grow your business and after making you feel a little queasy, I promised to help you out with 4 steps to Building an Effective Sales Strategy. Selling more is a Sales Strategy and Planning and Executing, Measuring and Accountability is the only way you purposefully sell more....
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