Today’s blog tackles the last of the 4 Tenets of Modern Consumers: Collaboration. It didn’t take much to find a relevant example of why we demand this in our partnerships – this story is from this just past week: Alright, STOP. Collaborate and Listen . . . {If you chuckled here, I know you either...
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Have you ever had a chat with someone and you walked away with your “Spidey Sense” screaming that the conversation and/or the person was completely full of it? Or did you have the feeling that what they “said” was not in alignment with their intentions or actions? I call that “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”...
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One of the most amazing benefits Technology has delivered to consumers is the function of “immediacy” and the ability to make purchases, decisions and changes in an instant. I can buy movie tickets, stream a movie, transfer money, pay bills, post a blog, ship artwork, meet colleagues, collaborate on a presentation, host a webinar and...
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Everyone is talking about transparency—from the NFL to Corporate policies, to your love life and relationships, being Transparent is not new but receiving increased importance when we factor it in our equation of Trust. With access to nearly unlimited information on products, services, companies and people, information is no longer the key of the seller...
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