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Desperation Calling! Are you desperate or determined in business or in sales?
04 May 2014

Are you Wearing Your Desperation?

Last week, I had two instances where sales reps contacted me to try to sell me a product. In both instances, it was subscription software that each rep was certain I needed. Both of their general sales rational was that other businesses found their product helpful and the features were great and I should sign up today.

Awww, that’s cute . . . but you’ve got to do better to stand a chance with me. 

I threw out just enough modest objections to keep the conversation going but with one of the reps, I had the very distinct notion that he was in his “end of month desperation mode” and would sell his product to my CAT if he thought it would help him make his numbers. He was desperate and had a quota breathing down his back so hard, I could practically feel it over the phone.

 Cancel the meeting.  Reschedule until you can get a grip and understand –

WHO this person/company is and

WHAT questions you need to understand

WHAT their potential problems are

WHY your solution is the answer to their problems and

HOW your product is a good investment

If you need a win so badly that your goal for the meeting is to “close the deal,” you’ve just taken a bath in rank, foul, 10 day old cheese left in the backseat of the car in Memphis in July {speaking from hypothetical experience}.

Don’t confuse desperation with determination. Wishing and hoping for results you didn’t earn or don’t stand a shot at is desperation, whereas, determination is about reaching your objective and doing the work, the hard things necessary to get what you want and not giving up until you get there.

Nothing good or important usually comes from desperation . . . personally or professionally, if we want but cannot rationalize, need but cannot itemize, and push our own agenda to further our own cause, the other person knows it and will put up walls and defenses and objections immediately.

Don’t stink up the room with your desperation.  Back up and start again. 

PS – This is true for many situations with many different audience types  – clients, coworkers, bosses, husbands, children and even cats – if they know you’re desperate, they know they have the leverage and the power over your outcome.

Until next time . . . keep kickin’ butt,


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