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24 July 2016

The 2 Most Important Things In Referral Sales

Earning referrals should be a key focus of your sales strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned sales pro, an entrepreneur, or someone who doesn’t technically have “SALES” in your title but is responsible for generating new business – your sales strategy should absolutely focus on referrals.

But before you include asking for referrals in your sales process, figure out how you EARN referrals by focusing on these TWO critical things:

Make sure your buyer’s journey reflects these two key referral criteria and to make referral sales a priority – CLICK to read THIS POST with insight from the Queen of Referrals, Joanne Black.

Until next time, stop hoping and start SELLING!

PS – If this strikes a chord with you and your challenges in growing business, SELLING FOR NON-SALES PEOPLE – has your strategy, process, and programs that can help you create your competitive advantage. Click to see all the resources.


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